Monday, 6 April 2015

Things I learned about Morley and Outwood no 2 - people care about nature

Many voters care about nature

I have received many emails from voters in Morley and Outwood asking me to "Vote for Bob".

A vote for Bob (FYI Bob is a red squirrel) is a commitment to put nature higher up the political agenda and Bob's biggest supporter is the RSPB.

Bob (or one of his friends)

 Image result for red squirrel

As someone who grew up enjoying the pretty Yorkshire countryside (in the Calder Valley to be precise) and worked closely with the RSPB while a Member of the European Parliament. I was happy to agree to "Vote for Bob".

You can find here some details of my work to protect nature while an MEP:

blanket bog and climate change

stopping the destruction of blanket bog

So if you're a Morley and Outwood voter and you want your next MP to be someone who not only says they cares about nature, but has a track record of fighting to protect it, then vote for me!

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